Thursday, August 14, 2008

Allamakee County Barn Quilt Project

Ever heard of the Iowa Barn Quilt Project? That link will get you started, then Google for more. Lots of counties have started this. I think Garnavillo claims to be the first. Fayette County has really run with it. Anyway, my friend Kathleen Hidingout wants to get one going in Allamakee County, and what better place to start than...

... at home?

Kathleen doesn't actually have a barn, but she wasn't about to let a silly detail like that slow her down. That's her giant garage there, with two wooden quilt blocks on the side.

I was supposed to do mine this summer too, but haven't. Barry said he will pick up some treated plywood for me one of these days. Mine will be just 4 by 4 feet; most of the Fayette County blocks are at least 8 feet square, so they aren't out of scale on a barn and can be seen from the nearest highway. Ours will go on the side of our garage. We need to take the New Albin Yacht Club sign down temporarily anyway, as it needs some restoration work, so I think we'll put the block there and put the NAYC sign somewhere else.

My block will be Indian Canoes. I'm going to use the deep blue paint left over from Master K's bedroom floor, offset by cream colored paint that matches our house trim. Here's a mockup.


PakAmeristanican said...

That's reel purty! I'm going to copy the graphic and use it on my new DIY Planner, unless you have an objection. One of these days, I'll write to you for real. :)

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

No objection at all! I'm glad to know you are still alive. :o)

Vania Root said...

I am hand piecing this crossed canoes block but can't figure out how to quilt it - what design was popular in the 1800s. Just straight lines outlining?? Any ideas?