Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Glasses! And they were cheap!

You may have noticed something new in the First Day of School pictures below: Lil Miss A now has glasses! We were alerted on a school screening in the spring that she needed them. We figured it was inevitable, as she comes from very near-sighted stock.

I decided to try something new this time: I have been following Glassy Eyes for some time now and have wanted to try getting glasses by mail order. So we did it with Lil Miss A's glasses.

We got the eye exam, had our prescription written out for us, then went to the optometrist that is connected with our eye doctor and had her try on frames. She found a pair that she liked. I had brought a pad of paper and a pen along, and what I did was draw around the frames on the paper, then copy down all the writing on the inside of the ear piece. The frames she liked were $115 at the optometrist (plus lenses, of course).

Then I went to $39 Glasses and looked through the children's frames until I found a pair that seemed to be shaped the same as those she liked. I printed out the sample page that they offer and held it up to my tracing - and it was as close to exact as you can get without being the exact same pair of frames. The numbers that I had written down matched up, too, though I don't know what they all mean.

$39 Glasses was running a special at the time, $10 off any pair of glasses, so all told, with those frames, lightweight lenses in her prescription, and postage, the bill actually came to less than $39. And they are very nice glasses! We are so pleased. The whole process was pretty quick. I ordered right before we left on vacation and the glasses were in our vacation mail when we got home. The prescription seems good, she is so excited to be able to see distant details again, and she looks cute as well. I will do this again!

A big shout of thanks to Ira of GlassyEyes.

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Ira said...

Glad it all worked out!

- Ira