Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Trouble with Tile

First of all, when you say, "I want a porcelain tile countertop," people immediately say, "No you don't. You only THINK you want it. You don't want to clean the grout." But I do. I really do.

Okay, the trouble is, I am having a hard time finding red tile! Not chili pepper colored. Not burnt red. RED. Like a fire engine. Like a cherry. Like an apple. Red.

We found plain 4-inch red squares at Home Depot, so that is a good thing, but what I want is red trim tiles. Like the bullnose pieces and the end pieces, or maybe some inset pieces. The picture to the left, or maybe this picture, is sort of what I have in mind, though square tiles rather than hex on the work surfaces. Although hex would be okay, too, now that I think about it. And red and white, of course.

Can anyone point me toward what I'm looking for? DALTile's website is enormous and while I think I looked at all the possibilities there, I may have missed something.

By the way, the heating system is all in except for the welldiggers who are busy with more lucrative projects at the moment.

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