Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hops Harvest

These are the wild American hops that grow against our garage wall. They make a beautiful viny decoration for the garage, but they do also actually blossom sometimes. Last year we got almost no hops at all. This year I thought they were not yielding at all again but then I realized the blooms were all hidden against the back part of the plants. Still not a ton, but I did pick a gallon freezer bag full of them in pretty short order.

These are aromatic hops, not bittering hops. Barry has used them in beer brewing, though he has preferred to buy hops that are commercially grown and are more predictable in flavor and aroma; however, with the hops harvests so poor in the Northwest for a couple of years now, hops are hard to find, and expensive when you do locate some, so this year he may be using his own homegrown hops more than he might usually do.

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Lindsay Jean said...

A little farther east of you, in Western Washington, we are having the same problem. My husband is a brewmeister and a coworker offered to harvest his hops for us. Do you or your husband have any tips on identifying hops as aromatic vs. bittering?