Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mark and Kathleen's House: Before and After

I don't even remember when Mark and Kathleen Hidingout started their remodel project. I think it was last fall but I'm not positive. It might have been longer than that. Anyway, I took this photo just before the work began:

And here is the house now. How adorable is that?

And did you know that they make vinyl siding in colors as interesting as that New England-y blue? I didn't. I read up on it a bit and learned that it used to be they couldn't make deep pigments for vinyl that would hold up to the elements, but now they are doing better with it. The siding Mark and Kathleen chose looks like old boards that have been painted a few times, when you look at it close up.

They added on to the back of the house, redid the crumbling front porch, and remodeled the kitchen. It's a lovely family home now. It wasn't bad before, but I really like what they did. Again it was the marvelous Frog and Wonder who did most of the work. When they do a remodel, they don't just do what you ask, they make great suggestions to make it better. The cabinet work was done by John Pitts. I have mentioned him on this blog before. He's Allamakee County's secret weapon, and no, you can't have him.

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