Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How long would you survive the vacuum of space?

Created by OnePlusYou

These things are addictive!


Lindsay Jean said...

They are addictive - even the dumb ones like "what kind of shoe are you?" BTW, I would survive 1 min, 29 seconds!

Connie said...

That was kind of depressing (results on my blog). Guess being middle aged, overweight, and having a history of fainting doesn't help me out much.

Aaron said...

1'23"! Hoo-rah.

Not as good as the first post, and really, everything after I lose consciousness at 15 sec is not much help anyway, but it's good to know I'll have enough to time to shake my fist angrily, giving HAL something to think about, before I join the bleedin' choir invisible.