Thursday, September 25, 2008

QUAIL! Right here in town!

This morning my neighbor Jane knocked on my door and told me there were birds in her yard that looked like little pheasants. Turns out they were a whole little covey of bobwhite quail. No momma, just the youngsters. I thought the parents stayed with the little ones through the winter but I may be wrong.

Click on any of these to embiggen. Mostly what I got was photos of quail LEAVING, as they were suspicious of me. Not suspicious enough, in my opinion. Quail are delicious, lots of critters think so, and these guys are awfully tame to survive in a big, scary, carnivorous world.

They sure are cuties.
I love that one just above, all of them marching along the edge of the sidewalk in a line.

After I had put my camera away, we scattered some birdseed on the walk and a couple of the boy quail came over and ate it eagerly, so Jane got some much better pictures. Then they all walked away down the alley like they knew where they were going.


JudyL said...

They're so cute and innocent! Hope they stay safe.

Amrita said...

Wow quails just like the OT times.

I hesar that they are very tasty.

They escaped as they sensed someone had turned on their oven LOL

Catherine said...

Very nice quail pictures! I can`t get that close to ours. We have Gambrels Quail and our quail families are still together. They roost in a Joshua tree right outside our living room window AND we see them roosting outside our bedroom window upstairs. I love `em!

I also notice leaves on the ground in your yard. A sure sign of fall. I miss that part of the season.

John Cowart said...

Hi, just visiting from your comment ob Amrita's blog and I browsed your archives a bit.

Those photos of you cat in the Manger are treasures!

Ginny and I bought a Cretch on our honeymoon 40 years ago and we still set it up every year.

Sorry about your house remodeling project; we did some at our house last Spring...Next time, we'll move instead.