Friday, November 28, 2008

Divided by a Common Language

Backstory: Our guests at Thanksgiving dinner included my parents, who are Messianic in faith, and Victor Kiyung, a college student from Viterbo University, originally from the Cameroon, West Africa (and with a pretty heavy accent). At dinner, we were talking about things we were afraid of, and Victor said he was afraid of rivers when he came to LaCrosse, and living right on the Mississippi, he determined to conquer that fear right away.

This morning:

Lil Miss A:  Mom, what's a rabeye?
Mom: A rabeye? (notices A is playing with her digital camera) You mean "redeye"? 
Lil Miss A:  No, a RABEYE. RAB EYE.
Mom: A rabbi?
Lil Miss A:  Yes, a rabbi.
Mom: In the Jewish faith, it's a minister. Grandma and Grampa sort of have a rabbi for their minister.
Lil Miss A: Do they kill Africans?
Mom: WHAT??? What are you talking about?
Lil Miss A: Then what is a person that kills Africans?
Mom: What?! I don't know! Who's killing Africans?
Lil Miss A: Victor said he was afraid of rabbis!
Mom: NoooooooooOOoooooo, he said he was afraid of RIVERS!


Catherine said...

Too funny!

Amrita said...

Ha ha that was funny.

Desiree said...

ROTFLOL! As the oldest of 7, I can relate to many, many momnts like that.

The last one I recall though, my Dad asked me if there were any pawn shops where I live? (My Dad is from Jersey so says some stuff funny.) I thought he said "porn shop." I was a little curious cause my parents are very strong Christians and have a strict no-porn policy. I told him, "There's one here in town where you live!" Then it was his turn to be confused, LOL!