Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One of the fun things about new cabinets

You can get inside them and lurk.


Connie said...

What sweet faces your lurkers have.

WV Word: rorecre; the belief that if you roar, people will be scared of you.

Catherine said...

Cabinet cats are cool!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Mac said...

Very regal looking cats in their new perch ... is this temporary, or do you have open shelving they will want to claim. Little Miss A did a great job with baking the bread. Have a blessed Thanksgiving as you remember all He has blessed you with. Hugs,

WV = intangi: something just out of reach.

Shallowsister said...

Oh my, they are so adorable! And they look so good with white and RED.

wv coness: when one cone is not enough.

Amrita said...

The kitties are so cute. Hope your cabinets were finished before thanksgiving.

Miz A made such good bread