Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working on a Thanksgiving weekend menu

It's complicated this year - more complicated than usual. Still fun!

  • We have 2 guests arriving Wednesday noonish, 1 more arriving
    around suppertime Wednesday, 1 more arriving around noon on Thursday, the two Wednesday noon ones leaving Friday morning, another 1 arriving Friday noon, and then we need to drive the Thursday and Friday noon ones home to Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon. Not sure when the Wednesday night one wants to go home but we only have to get him to La Crosse.
  • We have 2 guests who keep kosher, more or less; 2 Baptists who at least aren't supposed to be drinking alcohol, though I think they probably do anyway; and 1 guest who probably won't want to eat meat on Friday since he's Catholic.
This is why I have to plan the whole weekend's meals out in advance and not try to wing it. I'd never make it out alive. :o)


Mrs. Mac said...

Who's on first? No, What's on first.

You have your strategies in place, I presume. Is your sink hooked up yet? Kosher/Catholic/Non drinking Baptist that probably do?? Shuttles here and there. Get a good schedule set up and then just delegate everything! Hugs.

Mrs. Mac said...

shorshdoy ... next word verification ... looks like a Yiddish word perhaps;)