Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I think I actually started an Internet meme!

I am pretty sure I did start it. I never saw it done before I thought of it, I have been doing it for a couple of years, and now I'm seeing it done by people who have probably never heard of me.

You know those nonsense word verification "words" that you have to retype to post on many blogs, mine included? Supposed to foil the spambots? Well, I started making up a definition at the end of my posts for those jumbledegook "words." I gave myself extra points if the definition actually related to the comment or post.

I just visited Patrick Rothfuss' blog and found that EVERYBODY is doing WV "words" now. His readership is on the whole rather brilliant, so they are GREAT words. Here's a superb example:

Word verification: Vingulat, as in Count Vingulat. The first royal to marry someone who wasn't a member of their own family.

Of course I can't prove that I started all this, but I really think I can claim it as my own.

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