Monday, May 04, 2009

Apron Challenge with Vania

My sister-in-law Vania invited me to team up with her and join the All People Quilt Apron Challenge. The idea is that two friends each make an apron from the basic pattern provided, upload photos and are judged as a team. Vania suggested using these fabrics from the Maywood Studio Back Porch Bouquet collection, in colors that go with my mom's/her mother-in-law's kitchen - brown and turquoise. These above are the fabrics I chose. She is using the same stripe but the others are different.

My fabric just arrived. I ordered it from Hands On Tradition, an online quilt shop with excellent service, plus they will sell you small fractions of a yard, as some will not. They are so fast! I ordered April 30th and it arrived Priority Mail today, May 4th.

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Susan Holt Simpson said...

I hope we get to see your apron(s)!