Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vintage "My Double" Wire Dress Form!

Look at this! It's a Way Station find. For a buck. It is a vintage wire mesh "My Double" dress form. She was set up for a really HUGE woman and I wasn't sure what to do with her. Thanks to Cathe Holden and her blog JustSomethingIMade, I figured out how to resize her down to a more svelte figure. Like Cathe did, I actually draped the mesh over my other dress form, Mabel, and squished her down, and then I took her off and squoze her waist in even smaller. Now she makes a lovely apron model. I'm not sure what to name her. Mabel was named after a Gilbert and Sullivan heroine; maybe the new one should be Buttercup.

I'm not actually here at this very moment, actively blogging. Today is my Britta's graduation day, and we're busy with festivities. So I actually wrote this on Saturday and preloaded it.

Buttercup will be excellent for when Vania and I photograph our contest aprons!


Shallowsister said...

I love the verb "squoze". Useful. And Buttercup is a lovely name. You suggested Pearl recently for another purpose, but I think it might be appropriate here as well.

Cathe Holden said...

How awesome yours came with a stand...and for A BUCK! Wow!!

Thanks for the link to my blog, she is indeed lovely.

Vania said...

ooo - that will work lovely! I just need to put my pocket on and then ship it to you. I got sidetracked with sewing grad presents - just about have those completed.