Monday, May 18, 2009

Cooking Morel Mushrooms

Here are instructions on how to cook up some morels for supper. Pay attention. This is going to be complicated.

1. Clean your morels. I don't wash them, I just brush or shake off any dirt or bugs. Cut the bigger ones into more manageable size. The little ones are fine as is. Chop up some green onions, too, if you like.

Heat some olive oil in a heavy pan. Or melt some butter. Or both.

Dump in your mushrooms and your onions and saute. Add a sploosh of white wine.

That's pretty much it. Okay, so it wasn't all that complicated. They are so delicious all by themselves, I hate to do too much with them.


Unknown said...

A sploosh? Is that metric? Like 65 mL equals a sploosh?

I really like that word. And the morels look quite tasty.

Shallowsister said...

Looks and smells delish! Thanks for the smellovision!

Shallowsister said...

And I like the part about scraping off any bugs...

Aaron said...


All you need is a nice t-bone underneath.