Monday, May 18, 2009

College Happenings

I didn't realize it until a former classmate reminded me on Facebook, but 25 years ago today, I graduated from college. By accident rather than by design, today is also the day Barry, Britta and I went in to LaCrosse and took a formal Viterbo campus tour. Twenty-five years' span between my getting my diploma and preparing to send my daughter off to start working on hers.

We also stopped by the Army ROTC offices at UW-LaCrosse, a few blocks away, where Col. Mark Johnson autographed the copy of "That Body of Brave Men" that I am giving my dad for Father's Day this year, and the whole staff of the office were so nice to us. Once again, I'm so pleased about Britta's opportunity here.

Monday mornings are usually pretty slow at my job, so I just pushed my work hours later in the day, got to go along on this trip and made everybody happy, including me.

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Maria Stahl said...

EXCEPT that right after I posted that, Mediacom broke, and we have no Internet at home. I have decamped to the library, but it's only open for 3 hours today, so I won't get my work done unless Mediacom is unusually quick in its response.