Sunday, May 24, 2009

New US credit card legislation - a link and a tip

Here's what CNN Money Blog has to say about the new consumer credit card legislation that is supposed to land on the President's desk before Memorial Day:

If you are like me, you are looking anxiously at your remaining credit card debt and wondering what's the best way to proceed. I am expecting continued rate hikes as credit card issuing banks take a hard look at their bottom line under the new legislation. I am going to make sure that my remaining credit card debt is locked in at the best long-term rate I can find.

Here is an excellent calculator to help you determine if transferring a balance to a different card will actually save you money. I use this thing every time one of those teasers arrives in the mail: Should I leap? or should I stay right here on this lily pad a little longer and wait for a better deal?

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