Monday, June 01, 2009

Never one to leave well enough alone...

This year for Medical Transcriptionist Week, Webmedx sent each of us a black barbecue apron with the company logo embroidered on the bib.

I like the gift, really I do - when have I EVER said no to an apron? - but I believe that all aprons need pockets, and this one had none.

So I fixed it.



Connie said...

Lovely modification you've made. Still haven't gotten mine yet, but I think you're right, it will need pockets. I have some fabric stash that should do the trick, and I can dust off the sewing machine.

After all, I'll need the pockets to hold my knitting in while I'm wearing the apron.

Mrs. Mac said...

Not that you need any more apron patterns ... but here's a link for 56 free patterns.


Love the modification. Nice match with your new kitchen.

Carol Reese said...

So, did you also make a couple of potholders and trim a couple of dishtowels to match? Very nice! I need to make some aprons and make myself actually use them!