Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So what is "normal" anyway?

I frequently find myself wishing things would get back to normal. Nobody graduating, for instance. Nobody taking tests. Nobody going to night classes. No house guests, at least for a little while (I love house guests, but they are wearing). No FUNERALS would be nice. No appointments to work around. Nothing in need of repair. Nobody sick.

But then I ask myself: When have all those things EVER happened at once in my life?

I bet if things were ever "normal" around here, I'd be bored silly.

I would still like to give it a try, though.


togetherforgood said...

I've decided that crazy is the new normal. Three kids screaming at once? Four doctor's visits in a week? Nothing clean to wear because all my shirts have poop, pee, or puke on them?

Yup. Normal.

They tell me I'll miss it someday. Not sure about the poop part though.

Mrs. Mac said...

things are only normal when you die. so don't go wishing for normal .. not just yet ;)

my mantra lately is: if only I could just find five minutes to sit down to knit

something is always just around the bends

Connie said...

I thought that "normal" was only applicable in shampoo these days.

WV: refluc; not quite vomiting.