Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy 45th birthday to one of the cutest little boys ever.

Look at that cute little guy! That's my brother Aaron as a little boy. Aaron is much bigger now, and quite a bit less cute, though his wife may disagree.

Happy birthday, brother dear. (You can give him good wishes yourself if you like, on his blog.)

Here he is again. That other photo was undated; this one is dated November 23, 1965, so he was about 2-1/2. I would have been 4-1/2.

Thanks to Papa and Mama for the scanning ordeal today that yielded these wonderful pictures.


Mrs. Mac said...

OK ... I went and wished your little bro a happy b/d ... but his blog is extremely in need of updating ... so not sure if he reads it ;)

Now you're giving away your age ... and I thought you were at least ten years younger than me :)

Yellow Bird Art said...

Wow! I see Miss A. in these photos!