Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not following the right news websites

Okay so we thought our XBox was broken, and the router has been misbehaving lately so we thought maybe it had decided not to do what it was supposed to, and also we worried that something had gotten unplugged and we fussed and we checked and we jiggled connections and said "what did you DO??" to each other over and over until FINALLY... Barry noticed the little box on the screen that said XBox Live will be down for maintenance on Tuesday, for as long as 24 hours.



And THEN when I Googled of course everyone else in the developing or developed world knew this already. Because, you know, they read their news.

Back we go into our cave.

BTW, Microsoft's 24 hours is just about up. And I wanna stream some Netflix.

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Mrs. Mac said...

gee maybe that's what was up with my computer on Tuesday. I thought maybe a storm that rolled through had fried my pc. I guess we both don't watch the right news ;)