Sunday, June 21, 2009


We were in Ames for a couple of days while Barry ran around with his friends and set stuff on fire (at fire school). Lil Miss A and I hung out at the hotel. I worked while Lil Miss A swam in the pool and complained about nothing being on TV even though there were 87 channels. We took a garage saling break on Saturday afternoon after we had to check out of the hotel, and it was so great! Ames is a lovely town. I have only seen it during All State Speech when it's about 40 below. In June, it's green and shady and there are real live people (and dogs) walking around, jogging around, attending concerts in the bandshell park, and holding garage sales.

To the lady with the garage sale on Roosevelt Avenue off 13th, !!thank you!! for the fun ethnic clothing you were selling for next to nothing! I bought a couple of salwar kameez knowing they were too small but hoping maybe Britta might like one. When I got home and took a better look, I found that this one had lots of letting-out room, and now it fits me just great. I wore it to church. Seventy-five cents. Yes, you read that right.

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Shallowsister said...

You look so cute in this pic!

wv outhates = "George outhates Olivia when it comes to asparagus".