Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Bunnies

Master K was working on one of his mowing jobs here in town when he mowed right over a rabbit's nest and scared himself badly until he realized that all the baby rabbits were okay. It was close, though; they were outgrowing the nest and their little ears were awfully close to the blades, and if they hadn't been being good little bunnies and obeying their mama and holding very, very still, it would have been tragic. There are three bunnies in the photos, though they are very well camouflaged. That's K's hand in the second photo so you can get some scale.

The lady whose lawn it was wanted K to take the bunnies somewhere (anywhere) else, but I wouldn't let him make pets out of them, and we decided to just pray for them and leave them there.

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Vania said...

I remember finding bunnies, as a teenager, when we mowed the field next to us. We went through the same scare of thinking we hit them with the mower. They are so sweet!