Sunday, August 23, 2009

Houston County Fair

Here is Barry's entry in the home brewed beer class: A Belgian strong ale. (Edited to add: The beer is very clear, that's just condensation on the glass.)

And here is my entry in the Aprons category. There are two subcategories, work aprons and fancy aprons. I put this one in the Work Aprons category. I got a nice compliment from the superintendent of Needle Arts on the workmanship, which means a lot. It's very simple, just gorgeous fabric, and I let the fabric speak rather than fussying it up much as is usually my wont.


darlynn said...

Okay, I have to ask....why does the ribbon say Caledonia, MN and you live in IA? Even though I don't live in MN anymore, I grew up in Spring Valley, MN, so whenever I see anything MN I am intrigued.

Judy L linked you on her blog and am enjoying your work.

Maria Stahl said...

Yeah, that's confusing, isn't it? New Albin, Iowa, is right on the MN border, and we have the option of entering in the Allamakee County (Iowa) fair or the Houston County (MN) fair. I like Houston County because it's bigger. Closer, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mrs. Mac said...

OK .. this is my third and final attempt to leave you a post. Here goes again.

I still remember Barry growing hops in the backyard .. and tasting his brew once .. none have compared since .. at least with my limited beer taste buds.

wv: sters (a shortened name for the Scarf Sisters