Friday, February 16, 2007

Boring Post.

Dieting and weight loss are fascinating subjects to those in the midst of them and incredibly boring to everyone else on the planet. I'm usually a member of the Bored Majority on this one. But Barry got disgusted with his middle-age spread back in December and set himself a goal of losing 15 pounds by the time sailing season starts again in May. To do this, he basically just quit eating chocolate by the pound and quit the midnight snacking that was his happy habit. Other than that, I have not seen a huge change in his intake. On the other hand, he has been working out at work nearly every workday, either over his lunch hour or after work. Ovation Marketing has a beautiful fitness facility with free weights, machines, treadmills and recumbent bikes, just a few steps away from his studio, and he is really taking advantage of it.

He has already lost 10 of his 15 pounds, is feeling great, looks wonderful and is thinking maybe he set his goal too conservatively.

I, on the other hand, have not been exercising even one tiny bit, just trying to cut back on the compulsive snacking during worktime, and I have lost some weight too. Being sick every 2-3 weeks this winter has helped; being sick is the best appetite suppressant there is. I was sick again this week, so this morning's weigh-in is probably not too realistic, but it shows that I too have lost 10 pounds this winter. Just think if I were exercising.

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Mrs. Mac said...

boring posts are the best :) Now if I could just cut out the snacking, I'd look like my wedding photo :)