Thursday, February 08, 2007

Frozen Water Pipes

Our cold snap is gradually lessening (it is presently 8 degrees Fahrenheit here), but with this deep cold for this many days and nights, it is inevitable that some pipes would freeze. Thankfully so far ours have not. But the parsonage at church had frozen pipes; next came The Way Station, where a water line upstairs broke and dumped water all over the youth center and front half of the thrift store while the place was closed, causing extensive damage. And now it's the elementary school. I just got a call stating that the children had been moved to the new wing to avoid "water and fume issues" in the old wing.

I am really, really looking forward to a thaw.


Mrs. Mac said...

Do you remember posting about hanging out the laundry in January??? Did you super insullate as you've remodeled your home? My basement wall where the washer is hooked up is 10 inches thick (an outside wall). I hope to never experience frozen/busted water pipes. Sorry to read about the messes.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

It seems soooo long ago! I was thinking the other day how puny we humans are, that 30 degrees F means so much of a difference to our comfort when on a cosmic scale it is nothing, less than a blip.

We have insulated as we went but with concrete block walls there's not a lot of room to add insulation without affecting the size of our rooms, so we have not superinsulated by any means.