Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snowed In Again

The storm that is hitting much of the midwest has shut down our area quite effectively. All activities that were planned for the weekend thus far have been canceled, including church services for St. Peter's tomorrow. Barry flew to Miami a day earlier than scheduled to beat the storm, so he is well out of it. The rest of us are holed up at home, sipping hot cocoa and folding a couple of weeks worth of clean laundry.

The house is cozy, the pets are friendly, and life is pretty good right now.

UPDATE: Winter storm warning has been canceled, replaced by a blizzard warning. I think that's supposed to be worse.

Here are pictures of the several-room snow cave our neighbor kids built during a lull. That's my neighbor V's little head sticking out of the snow.

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Mrs. Mac said...

That's quite a nice snow fort! Are you still home-bound? We got four inches last night ... but thankfully it reached 38 degrees today and most has melted!! We can't get our POD storage units delivered if there's ice or snow on our driveway! Keep warm and dream of sipping tea and wearing flip flops :)