Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Winter Weather

With a couple of feet of snow on the ground and another storm headed our way, I should be giving thanks that we have power. These storms have really only presented a novelty to my family, a minor inconvenience, not a trial. Yet I just learned that 100,000 Iowa households have been without power since last weekend.

I am giving thanks, now, and praying for the safety of those who have lost power.

UPDATE AT 12:00 PM: We've had just a lovely morning. Intermittent sunshine, gentle breeze petering away to nothing. The school just called, though, and is sending the kids home early. Evidently the storm is nearly upon us.

UPDATE THURSDAY MORNING: It's so beautiful this morning. Warm, drippy, the air smells good and the snow is compacting quickly in soft rain. No ice. No slippery sleet. Just beautiful. So they canceled school. In fact they rearranged finals for the third trimester and told the kids not to come back to school till Tuesday! We are now looking at school well into June, with the last day being the first Tuesday of June, if we have no other weather days. *sigh*


Mrs. Mac said...

OK ... time for another weather update. Just checking to see if you are OK.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Thanks for checking. :o) We're all fine. Barry got home from Miami Friday night with only one flight delay and no missed connections, a miracle. The snow is deep and has a thick layer of ice on top of it, so driving/walking is treacherous, but spring is on its way. I'm certain of it.

Mrs. Mac said...

We're moving this coming Friday and spring is in the air. The day temps are in the mid to upper 40's and night's in the low 30's. My driveway is nearly snow free so by Friday, we should be able to have our stuff delivered. Hope you guys thaw out soon.