Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching up on the laundry in a big way

Recently Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate email told of a woman who washed her daughter's wedding dress in the washing machine rather than sending it to be dry cleaned (for a small fortune). I have never had my dress cleaned. I got it out to take a look at it, because for June's celebration of our church's 125th anniversary we are celebrating weddings and everybody is supposed to cram into their wedding clothes if they still can, which I can't, and since I had it out, I decided to wash mine, too.

I did, and it turned out just beautiful.  I dried it on a dress form in the yard. Here it is on the back porch before I packed it up again.

I had forgotten how much I liked it at the time. It went so severely out of fashion there for awhile that I had a hard time even looking at it. Now young ladies are wearing high-necked wedding gowns again. I hope someday someone wears it again.


Catherine said...

Beautiful dress. I like the neckline and the back is quite lovely too. Have a great weekend!

Felisol said...

Such a rare and beautiful dress.
A classic from the time of the time of the Brontë sisters, I should think....The 197 something? Oh, one could go a year n a diet, just to wear a dress like that.

Lindsay Jean said...

Very elegant. I'm not a fan of my generation's tendency towards strapless wedding gowns. Makes everyone look like a prom date, if you ask me.

Maria Stahl said...

Thanks for the comments, all.

Felisol, NO amount of dieting would get me back into that dress. :)