Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicken Walker of the North Woods

With apologies to Lynn Rogers of Bear Walker fame, here are my Girls enjoying a sunny, unseasonably summery late May day in the yard.

That's a who-me expression if ever I saw one. As in, "I would NEVER tear up Daddy's hosta bed. No way, no how."

 And here's my favorite, sweet little Eowyn. Eowyn raised all the rest of the birds, though none of them are from her eggs. She's gentle, cuddly and cute. She also crows.  She's getting kind of old and her hormones are out of whack, and besides, SOMEBODY'S got to be the rooster, right? I think she still lays an egg now and then, but it's been a long time since she went broody, and she crows, though not very well.

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Catherine said...

Cute pictures of sweet chickens.

Our old hen was named Mammy. She was a sweetie too. We used to collect her eggs in the pine trees.