Friday, May 14, 2010

Loot Report: Spring Grove (MN) Syttende Mai Rummage Sales

Over all, Lisa and I thought the sales were a little on the sparse side this year, which is not surprising, as this is the first nice day all week. Who wants to have, or even plan, a garage sale when it's 40 degrees, raining and blowing the water in all directions?

I'm not really happy with Blogger's latest version of the photo uploader. It's okay for one or two pictures, but not a whole City-Wide Garage Sales' worth. I'm going to try a Flickr slideshow instead.

Click below to go there.


Catherine said...

You did well, very well. Nice finds!

Felisol said...

Syttende Mai isn't till Monday. I'd fought you hard over that librarian table. 20 times 10 would would have been my offer. Sorry the airplane tickets are so expensive.

Maria Stahl said...

Felisol, you're right! Spring Grove celebrates it for the whole 3 day weekend nearest to the actual date. It was a little early this year; sometimes it's a little late.

Carol Reese said...

You know, even if it's a base for the punchbowl, you can use it for a matching serving bowl. I have a vintage 70s punch bowl my MIL got new for me back then. I frequently used it for a serving bowl, with or without the punch bowl.