Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Return of Saturday's Apron: A repro of a cute homemade vintage apron

This apron is made of vintage and new fabric and is from the design of an apron one of the women of our church brought one Sunday when she would be working in the kitchen. She said her grandmother had made it. She kindly allowed me to bring it home to write down the design. It's made of two fabrics, a cotton print and a cotton organdy underneath. I reproduced it using pieces of a pretty polished cotton chintz (vintage) and new white cotton organdy bought on eBay from seller Exclusive Silks.  I used vintage bias edging, too.  It turned out so pretty that if I don't come up with something I like better, it's going to be my fair entry apron this year.


Catherine said...

So pretty. Vintage chintz is lovely. I think you did a nice job.

Felisol said...

Oh, a posh sister of our Miss Apron.
Forgot to tell how much my mother admired your work.
She says one can only judge the quality of a work by, looking on it backside.
Yours were so beautiful with what we call French seams for every of the five parts of the apron.
You really are good.
My mother's two aunts were educated tailors, and my mother tells how she loved to sit under the giant table, playing with pieces of fabrics, while they were working.
I think your apron will do good in a competition.
Very good indeed.

Maria Stahl said...

Felisol, I figured someone would recognize that fabric. :) And I appreciate the compliments on "The" Apron. Please thank your mother for her graciousness.

Catherine, thank you. :) I have a few more pieces of vintage chintz. That first cut is the hardest; after that I feel better about USING it as it was intended to be used.