Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh, the stuff you can find while cleaning

Today was that annual rite of spring, cleaning all the winter leftovers off the back porch. It looks lovely now.

This wasn't actually lost, just stashed in such a safe place that I had pretty much forgotten about it. When I found it, I took it out to the picnic table and gave it a bath. There's actually a matched pair; the other still has the wood frame around it. A good friend gave us these from her house (also a block house of the same vintage as ours) when she was about to sell the house and realized the new owners cared nothing for beautiful old things, so she didn't include the windows in the sale. We have rather vague plans for them for someday but in the meantime, I visit them about once a year, like I did this morning.

It's suddenly hot and humid. It's still a novelty, but I'm sure we'll be sick of it before long. Just not yet.

Graduation party later today and more cleaning, also some overtime for work and hopefully some sewing. I'm making a baby quilt for a baby boy who is expected by the children of some old friends of ours.


Chickens in the Basement said...

Love the window. What pattern are you using for the quilt? I miss quilting. Where does all of my time go?

Catherine said...

Beautiful window, very nice colors. Please take a picture of the quilt you are making. I`d sure love to see it.

Felisol said...

Top class art noveau, so clean and slim in its lines and modest in colors.
Some stained glasses ARE prettier than others.
I'd love to see it with light running through it.

Carol Reese said...

Isn't your sewing room a sun room or closed in porch of some sort? Could you put a nice wood frame around these and hang them from the ceiling on chains in there near the tops of the windows? You'd get to enjoy them sooner if you did that relatively quick and easy project, and you could still build them in somewhere else later.

Mrs. Mac said...

Nice colors in the glass window. I can't imagine why someone would buy an older home and not want to keep some of the character.