Monday, June 27, 2011

111 Vintage Dress Patterns = Maria Hit the Jackpot

I stopped by a church rummage sale Saturday morning. They're the best. The greatest stuff, the best prices AND they want to clear out everything, so are usually making deals right and left.

When I arrived, everything was already half the marked price.

I picked up two big boxes of old dressmaker patterns for one dollar (they were originally a dollar a box). I grabbed them so fast and rushed them out to the car before anyone could snatch them out of my greedy paws. I did not even look through them till I got home.

Here they are. Try not to faint. Again, these were a DOLLAR. FOR ALL OF THEM.

And the rest, since Photobucket has a limit of 100 images per slideshow:

I'm going to put them all on eBay without pulling any. It was enough to get to look through them all, and I really need the money. This lot was a Godsend, for sure.


Felisol said...

What great coup. All this for 1 dollar. You can copy them and sell them on e-bay and make quite a fortune.

My mother used Simplicity dress patterns for many decades. I think Serina's got some of them. I recognize the style from the sixties and early seventies. We did actually not dress that different this side of the sea. I think I was almost thirty when my mother made me my last outfit.
I never got the hung of sewing myself. I did lots of knitting and crouching when my shoulders were not so stiff.
Maybe it's time to restart that old sewing machine.

Carol Reese said...

Wow! I hope you do well on e-bay with them. I have two boxes of patterns from the 60s, 70s, and 80 that I need to go through. Some, I will keep. I have one from the 70s that I still use to make house dresses!

Becky said...

what a deal! i'd say i'd like to try to make one but as of yet-i have yet to make nice with the machines!! they hate me! :)

chipmunk said...

Wow, looking through those is a real trip down memory lane for me. I'm pretty sure my mom made me clothes for my baby doll from the pattern you have.