Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby robins update

I was working this evening and suddenly had an urge to check on the robin family. We had quite a storm last night. When I approached their tree, I found one of the little robins on the ground below the nest. They still have no feathers, just mostly invisible fluff, and their eyes are not yet open. I ran back to the house to grab a tissue (just in case, yes I know you are supposed to be able to touch them without wrecking anything but I wanted to be certain) and scooped him up. He was still quite lively, saw/heard me coming and opened his beak wide to be fed, and he was warm and quite vigorous. I climbed with him up to the nest, to find it sopping wet and tipped on its side. And empty.

I wedged the nest back into the tree as best I could and put Robin Baby back in it, then searched for the other chick. I could not find it.

I prayed for the little feller and then went inside to watch, and as soon as I was out of sight, Papa Robin appeared, and looked for his child on the ground where he had fallen, then cocked his head up to hear his child's voice back in the tree. I think they are now reunited. I just wish I had checked earlier, when there were still two little robins to rescue.

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Catherine said...

We`ve had baby doves killed by snakes and other creatures. There are three very active Flycatcher babies in our old travel trailer. All is well with them and they are fun to watch.