Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Walk on the Army Road

The "Army Road" is a gravel road built and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers that runs out from town about 2 miles through marshlands and water meadows to a place to launch boats or go fishing. I forget it's there most of the time, which is really sad, because it's such a beautiful part of our area.

Britta worked 2nd shift at the nursing home, and then, when someone called in sick, stayed and did the night shift, too, and I picked her up at 6 this morning. That's when I usually get up, so it meant I had to be awake and alert enough to drive a little early this morning. But what a gift that early morning turned out to be. A 12-mile drive along the river road to Lansing, with mist on the marshes and birdsong everywhere, sparkling water, mama turtles hiking across the highway to find places to lay eggs, and deer. When we got home, I grabbed Bo's leash and we walked down to the Army Road and walked down it maybe a quarter mile, not far because Bo is old and tires easily *, but it was great. I am going to do it again and bring my camera this time. We saw many, many birds, heard lots of birds and frogs, and saw a muskrat swimming very close to the road. Bo learned lots of things by smelling everywhere. He's very tired now and ready for a nap.

Bo is our Keeshond whom we adopted from TurboKees Keeshond Rescue. He's 10-1/2 years old now and had neurological issues where he has lost proprioception in his back legs and feet, but he still loves a good walk.

* Yes, I know what you're thinking, that I am the one who is old and tires easily. Okay, we both do.

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Jen (emeraldsunshine.org) said...

That sounds WONDERFUL. I'm very jealous. I should probably go walk down near the quarry more.