Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monument fire

This was shot by a firefighter fighting the Arizona wildfires. He has become something of a cyber friend of mine.

Look how quickly the flames move.

Just sickening.


Carol Reese said...

I came of age in Southern California. Fire frightens me more than anything. When I was in my 20s, a coworker lost her home to a wildfire, and she didn't live more than 5 miles from me. The only thing they found intact when they went back was some Corning Ware. Some was broken when it hit the foundation as the cupboards it was in vaporized, but it wasn't otherwise damaged at all. We were ready to evacuate if we had to. In 2003, 4 of my brother's neighbors lost their homes. His was okay because my nephews refused to leave, stayed to keep the outbuildings and some trees wet down. He did lose a couple of citrus trees to scorching snd the outside of the storage buiding was scorched. Fortunately, they never lost power, and the place just across the street from them burned. The 4 were scattered in the subdivision, caught fire from flying sparks. But the fireballs just roll over the land picking up fuel and vaporizing cast iron, glass, china, whatever, because they burn at such extreme temperatures. I think tornados are next on my list, after seeing the damage near me here in Alabama in April.

Mrs. Mac said...

Those are some fast 'licking' flames! My oldest took another stint this summer with the Fed. fire fighters and is down there as I type. Pretty scary.