Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'd love to know the story behind this.

ALLERGIES: Rattlesnake venom.


Catherine said...

Interesting. I may be able to explain that comment. I have a friend whose kidney disease is treated with Gila Monster venom. I don`t know under what name the venom treatment is sold. Were it not for the venom he would be on dialysis and might not be alive today. He is sick with nausea for hours afterward he takes it. For a while the doc administered the treatments in his office but now my friend gives himself the medicine at home, under the supervision of his physician. I can see where an allergy to the venom would be a problem.

Have a great weekend Maria!

Maria Stahl said...

Amazing, Catherine! Thanks for explaining.

kjax said...

I take Byetta, which was derived from gila monster saliva.

My brother had a rattlesnake bite several years ago and went to the hospital and was doing as well as you can expect for a rattlesnake bite, until he stopped breathing. Then they decided he was allergic to the antidote. THAT made for a few exciting ICU days and two surgeries.