Friday, June 10, 2011

This resident is DRIVING ME CRAZY.

She has a strange speech habit (maybe she cannot help it) where she never says the combination of the K and S sound. So, like every time she says the number 6, it's "sits." And I never noticed how many times the number 6 can show up in a discharge summary. "Infection" is "infetsin." "Antibiotics" are "antibiotits." Grrr.

I just want to SHAKE HER.

Edited: Hmmm. She seems to have trouble with the K and T sounds together as well. I never noticed that before. "Multifactorial" is "multifattorial."

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Carol Reese said...

She may not be able to help it at this point. Sounds like she should have had speech therapy as a child but didn't get it.