Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And just like that... autumn is here.

Sticky steamy heat on Sunday... on Monday... and on Tuesday. And then sometime Tuesday evening, autumn arrived. I was at the church, working on the treasurer's reports, and when I walked out the door, the air had chilled down about 25 degrees and was dry and breezy.

This morning the sunrise showed what is definitely an autumn sky, not a summer sky. High, wispy mare's tails of clouds lit up like fireworks before the sun ever appeared. If I hadn't been so bleary, I would have taken a photo for you, or tried to. Now it's officially 59 degrees, the wind is blowing hard, and the air is dry and crisp. Makes one want to make a pumpkin pie, or something.

I always have the urge to hunker and hoard at this time of year. I find myself wanting to buy food in bulk, to put things by for the winter, to make sure my family has lots of clothes, to make quilts, et cetera. I have to watch it because I tend to spend more money than our budget will allow on food against what some deep, primitive part of me must think will be the coming ice age.

As I was writing this, I heard voices outside. It was Matt Troendle and the Well Guy! Well Guy evidently didn't get all those messages that Matt was ready to have some wells dug. He says his lead time is about 4 weeks at the moment. They are outside talking right now in the street, standing at right angles, staring off at a point in the distance, the way men do in the Midwest when there is something important to discuss. I am hoping Matt can get him to shave a couple or three weeks off that time estimate. Having them working on the heating/air system only encourages my hunker/hoard proclivities, as I imagine a toasty-warm house as the gales and blizzards scream outside the walls. (Funny. Just yesterday I was wishing the system was running so I could turn on the central air.)

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