Thursday, September 18, 2008

Frog Goop and Dog Poop

This morning, after we had shooed the Big Kids and Dad out the door for school, Lil Miss A and I were getting ready for her slightly later start time, and we went out to the yard to get her bike, but I discovered most of a frog on the lawn - a casualty of my mowing last night. Yeeuuch! Frog glop!

While I was getting a trowel to try to scoop the frog off the lawn before he started to stink, Bo ran out the door, crossed the street and pooped on the neighbors' lawn.

So first I de-pooped the neighbor's lawn, then I de-frogged ours, and then I told Miss A that I hoped her day would be a good one, to which she replied, "It's not off to a very good start. I had to look at frog goop and dog poop!" I told her that with a start like that, the day just HAS to improve.

Embarrassing note written small and quiet: I fell down in my very own bedroom at about 3:30 this morning. I was trying to avoid Bo, who was spread out all over the floor next to my bed, while racing to get to Lil Miss A who was coughing her lungs out, and I tripped at (stupid) high speed over what turned out to be a very solid cherrywood stool that Barry had been using to stand on while he worked on the windows. I landed hard on my left hip. Now I realize how easy it is for old people to break their hips! Mine is fine, I'm sure, but that was a lot of force. I'm thankful I have good bones. It's starting to hurt more and more now, the pain moving now across my pelvis and now encompassing both hips and my sacral spine. I just rode my bike to the meat market and that was really fun, let me tell you.


Connie said...

Oh you poor baby, on both accounts.

And as a note, I don't mean poor baby sarcastically (I almost always sincerely mean that one).

Lisa Faye said...

Ouch! Here's to speedy healing. (I love your blog, by the way, Missus M!)

Amrita said...

Hi Maria, I am so familier with goop and poop here in this tropical country.

During the summer 2 or 3 frogs take shelter in side my house and sometimes i have to kill them to get rid of them otherwise they poop inside, and that 's disgusting.I try to frog proof my house but you know frogs are very smart, they manage to get it through the tiniest crack.

Sorry about your fall, hope its not hurting much now.

Catherine said...

I hope you heal fast. Ouch!

Mrs. Mac said...

Are you black and blue today? Stumbling down to the floor in the dark of night while still asleep ... having maternal instincts take over has to be just awful!!! I can feel my big toe swelling up just thinking about your episode. I hope you are feeling better. I would have mumbled something about a Korean Meat market if I had tripped over my dawg like that.