Monday, September 22, 2008

New Kitchen Windows, New Kitchen Contractor

Lovely big hole in the wall there, isn't it?

We have new windows in the kitchen as of today: New, nonleaky, nondrafty, pretty windows that stay up when you put them up and stay down when you put them down.

We also have a new contractor, Les Goetzinger from our sister church, Evangelical Church of Peace down in Crooked Creek. Frog and Wonder had planned to do our kitchen, but it took us a long while to get our act together, and by that point they had tons of work. Then we heard Les was available to take on some work sooner rather than later, so we asked Frog and Wonder when they would be able to get to us, and they were actually relieved to find that we had an alternative. So Les it is.

He's a finish carpenter/cabinet maker by trade, and comes highly recommended.

I'm typing this while watching Claire Bennett hiding from Sylar in the season premiere of Heroes. Bruce Boxleitner is guest starring? Huh?

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Amrita said...

Hi Maria, good to see your windows