Monday, September 15, 2008

Star Block #4

I was so excited with Block #3, because it was the first that came out to 12-1/2 inches as it was supposed to. I thought I had turned over a new leaf. Alas, no; this one is back to 12 inches square. :o) I would never pick this particular block to do on my own; I don't like the effect. But it will be nice in the sampler of stars.


Amrita said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for sending me your link. I wiill save it and subscribe to you by bloglines.

Now these are deep thoughts from IOWA and striking pictures too.

I love the quilts. If i could thread a needle(LOL) i would be quilting too.

An Irish friend of mine does landscape quilting, she makes picures, works of art really.

You are such a sweet angel, thank you so much for your help.

P.S. You name sounds German. I learnt a bit of it in HS.Do you pronounce it Sshtaal or Staal?

Julie said...

I agree that this star is not a favorite design and I found it too difficult to sew accurately. It will be a good block for the sampler effect, though. Yours looks stunning. Great job.

Margo said...

Great colors...striking...good job