Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Amrita over at Yesu Garden passed along this challenge: Post your quirks on your blog. (Note that she waited till her keyboard was fixed to post it; she says her Q wasn't working. And who wants to write about their _uirks?)

I have too many quirks to post on one post, or on one blog, for that matter. Here are a few, off the top of my head:
  • I hate things to touch my sternum. (You think that's weird? Barry can't stand anybody to touch his big toe. Now THAT is weird.)
  • I grind my teeth a lot.
  • When I cut fabric, I open and close my mouth with each scissors stroke.
  • I fidget with things constantly, like the pages of books or with pencils or loose threads. Whatever I can find.
  • I remember things by how they smell. If I want to remember a moment, I take special note of what I can smell, and then it will come back to me easier.
  • I am a visual learner. Don't tell me how to do something. Show me, or let me read about it. Then I'll remember. Tell me? I'll remember, but I'll remember wrong.

What about you? Go ahead. Confess. It's only you and me, and everybody else on the Web, plus once you post it, even if you delete it later, it's in cache somewhere and will never, never ever disappear from Cyberspace, and years from now when you are applying for a job or want to get married, it will turn up on a search and you will be doomed. No pressure or anything.


Amrita said...

Hi Maria that was great, reading about your -uirks!

My q and w were not working and i was spelling words like the Slavics!

Aaron said...

No takers, I see.

Who woulda thunk.

OK, this is probably not _uirky enough to _ualify, but I MUST sort my M&Ms before consumption. Suppose somebody offers me a fistful. I immediately deposit the lot of them onto a flat surface, noting how many different colors are represented. Let's say there are five. I sort them into groups with one of each of the five colors per group, as many groups as it takes before running out of a color. I sort the remaining pieces into four of each, three of each, and so forth until I'm left (usually) with an excess of one color. That gets eaten first, and then I consume the groups in order of increasing size.

It's really quite natural. The only weird thing here is how few of the rest of you do the same. I mean, get with it.

w/v woxedu: evening wear donned by Elmer Fudd when fwowing wocks at that wabbit. (Pathetic, I know)