Friday, September 05, 2008

Finished by Friday: Shoulder Bag for Miss B

This week's Finish is a shoulder bag for Miss B, made out of some very slippery, uncooperative dressmaker fabric.

She saw the grocery tote I made last week and asked if I would make her a purse on that same pattern, only with a longer drop (down around her hip). She handed me some beautiful but very silky fabric she had bought to make a dress out of but had not used.

When my sister was here, she took one look at it and dived into my stash and pulled out some gold colored quilter's cotton which she said would make a good lining, and it did.
Not only was the color good, but it added some needed stability to the fabric. I also interfaced the thing to death.

In addition to the change to the shoulder strap length, I made the whole bag slightly narrower, since Miss B is slim, and I also used the main fabric for the top part of the lining, using the gold colored cotton only further inside. I also used the fashion fabric for both sides of the strap. Finally, I added a small key/wallet pocket inside.

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Shallowsister said...

So pretty! You're brave... I don't think I'd attempt sewing that type of fabric.

Say, how about posting your recipe for Onion Herb Batter Bread? It's soooo good.