Monday, January 12, 2009

College News

Barry just got word that he is officially accepted to take classes through our local junior college! He had to take a math placement test, because he never took any math in college, but they accepted his college transcript in lieu of placement testing on the other subjects. He will start February 16th or 17th (the 17th if that's President's Day weekend, and I think it is) with 3 courses taught at Kee High School but for college credit with NEICC: The CNA course, plus Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology. All 3 courses are in the mornings, so he will just go in for the mornings and come home for lunch. Then he is signed up for 3 more courses at the main campus in Calmar, Iowa, for the summer. I don't recall what all of them are but one is anatomy and physiology. I think there's another psych course too. By the time the fall semester comes around, he should have 18 credits under his belt! He has to be on the wait list for nursing school, and right now there is no room for him in the fall class. So that's the next thing to pray about: That he will quickly move up the wait list. Also he has already been approached by 1 of our neighbors and 2 of Britta's friends who all want to work out carpools to NEICC this summer and next fall! That will really help, too. Plus he gets to ride in a car full of cute girls.

God is so good. :o) We are amazed at all He is doing for us!

Barry is taking a course right now that is not for credit. It is taught at the Lansing fire station on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It is the Firefighter I course which is required for him to continue to be a firefighter, even a volunteer.

In other news, Miss B got accepted to Bethel University in Roseville, but at this point she is not very interested in it. We are fine with that. She has made the first cut for an Army ROTC nursing scholarship.  The next step is an interview, which she has to do in La Crosse. She is trying not to get too excited about that.

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