Friday, January 23, 2009

Prayers and the confidentiality of medical records

I know I am not the only medical transcriptionist out there who prays for the patients whose reports cross her/his desk.  I just transcribed a real heart-breaker, something where if it happened to people in my town I would immediately activate the prayer chain at church, post about it here and ask you to pray, e-mail my parents and ask them to pray... but of course it's a confidential medical record, so the only person I will ever talk about it with is God. I'm glad I believe in Him and His personal attention to us here on earth. I just cried out to Him to heal and comfort in this particular situation.

They'll never know, nor should they, that a nameless medical records person in Iowa prayed for them, but I did, and I know the prayer was heard.


Mrs. Mac said...

You are a good and faithful servant of the Lord to take time out and pray. I have a blog friend (med. tech) that prays over the vials of blood she draws at the hospital.

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Catherine said...

The heartbreak and pain you must see. Your prayers are a gift.