Monday, January 05, 2009

The Old Girl's Looking Pretty Good in Green.

This is Gretl, my Sunbeam MixMaster Model 10, from the early 1950s. She works great, but she was pretty ugly - peeling, chipped paint, decades of built-up gunk in her vents. Yuk. I got on a cleaning-and-repainting roll this weekend which began when I took apart our Oster toaster oven, which also works great but is unsightly, and cleaned all the glop out of it, plus scrubbed and scraped and scrubbed until I got all the melted plastic off the glass door (it was the remains of a bread bag that had melted to the hot glass and had been there for a couple of years now). While I had the toaster oven apart, I painted the formerly black metal housing jadeite green. And it looked so great that I got Gretl out, took her apart too, and repainted her in jadeite green to match. I made the Sunbeam decal for her. It's not exactly what she would have had brand new, but it's similar.

She still purrs like a kitten, despite the fact that I ended up with a mysterious spare spring after putting her back together. I hate when that happens!


Connie said...

Wow, she looks great!

Mrs. Mac said...

I like the new look. The decal maker is super.