Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday's Apron: Lotsa Fruit!

I made this little apron out of two different bolt ends, the cherries and the lemons, from my favorite quilt shop, Yellow Bird Art in Lansing, Iowa.

They have this wonderful barrel full of scraps and bits and you can get all that you can cram into a little baggie for $4.75. And with a little effort and careful folding, i can cram a LOT of pretties into that baggie!

The red and white is one of the Zoomin by Clothworks line. I love that fabric. It's so hard to find a true red and a true white.

I love those pockets! I found that pattern here. They're a little tedious but they come out so cute with a contrast lining.

It's reversible, sort of, with a lining but no pockets on the inside.

This baby is on eBay this week. I have never tried to sell one of my own homemade aprons before, just vintage ones from estate sales. I'm anxiously watching to see how it goes.


Susan Holt Simpson said...

HI! I read your comment on squinting at your teen to make her appear younger - good strategy - on Vintage Mommy's blog. I also have teens, boys, so I went to your blog and found this ADORABLE apron! Wow!!! I'm clapping! I make aprons, too, but only sell them by word of mouth, so far. I did a couple of craft shows, but didn't do too well there. My aprons are available at a Pregnancy Care Center website. Part of the profit goes to the center, and at least they're on the web somewhere! ANYWAY, your's is so cute, I had to comment to a fellow apron lover/maker! I'm going to go check it out on ebay.
I hope to keep checking in on your blog,

Mother Owl said...

I love those pockets!!!!