Friday, January 30, 2009

Finished by Friday: State Sales Tax Returns. :o/

Oh yeah, that's exciting: I finally finished Barry's and my Iowa state sales tax returns last night. This was the year, THE YEAR OF EARLINESS, the year when I was going to sit down and do them on January 1st, since everything is in Quickbooks and it would be a breeze. Only of course it didn't happen that way. I got intimidated by the fact that all the rules changed July 1 and just stuffed it all away in a folder. When I finally faced the music last night, it only took about half an hour to do both returns. And another half an hour to fret over why it was so easy, and to redo them to make sure I hadn't messed something up. For that hour of effort, the State of Iowa will receive $140 in sales tax from Barry Stahl Photography and a whopping $9 from Sweet Gal Decals. (Nearly all of my sales are Internet sales, so most of them are out of state, while most of Barry's are local, with a few across the river.)

I'm sure you are thrilled to know that this is done. I know I am.

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