Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I got to test-drive a Millennium!

Yellow Bird Art has a new toy - an APQS Millennium quilting machine. It was just set up over there and the staff is learning how to use it. I stopped by on Monday during a surprise ("Mom! I was supposed to be at speech practice 20 minutes ago!") trip to Lansing and found Amy trying it out on some plain muslin sandwiched with batting. She actually let me try it. It's so fun! I have never actually seen one in action before. It's stitch regulated, so it's like a Steadi-Cam for quilters: You move the controls where you want the design to go, and whether you move fast or slow, the machine still stitches the same length of stitches, so it's wonderfully even. It still takes practice and control on the part of the quilter, and my quilting was pretty hilarious (I tried Grandma Burger's ocean waves and they looked like letter Cs made by a serious dyslexic), but I can see how cool it would be to really learn how to do this.

Of course now I want one...

Master K's room is big enough to hold one and has lovely light! I have major plans for his room after he moves out.


PakAmeristanican said...

Well, it isn't the Millennium Falcon, or a Nubian, but it sounds like something that could create serious gadget greed! :)

Shallowsister said...

"So Master K, how'd you like to double up on your credits and graduate EARLY??"

Those machines are awesome. What a cool money-making toy!

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